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Help for gifters:

So you have been sent a link to a gift list and arent quite sure how this all works?

This works quite similar to how an online shop would, in the way that you can browse items, sort by price high to low and sort how many items per page.

View gift list

Reserving a gift

If you see a gift that you would like to purchase for the list owner then click on the blue "View Details" button for that gift.

This will pop up a infobox that will give you a little more information such as has someone else reserved this gift so that they can purchase it.

To preceed to reserve and purchase this item yourself then click on the blue "Reserve/Purchase" button in this pop up window to go to the reserve gift page.

You will now get a bit more information on the gift such as sizes, quantity, and if anyone has reserved one already (this will only show if the quantity is more than 1, you will not be able to reach this page if someone has reserved the only one).

To reserve the gift for yourself to purchase enter your email address in the box and click "Reserve!"

Once you have reserved the item you will get the link to view and purchase it on the retailers website.

Remeber until you are on the confirmation page anyone else will be able to reserve this gift!

reserve a gift

Marking an item as purchased

Congrats! you managed to reserve that gift before anyone else! now all you need to do it purchase it and let us know!

Once you have purchased the item from its retailers website return back to the confirmation page and enter your email address into the box provided and click "Mark as purchased!" this will only accept the same email address which reserved the gift!

If you have already closed this tab then you can still mark it as reserved by heading back to the list page and clicking the green "Mark a gift as purchased" button at the bottom!


Cancelling/Purchasing a reservation

To cancel a reservation click on the green "Mark a gift as purchased" button at the bottom of the gift list and enter the email address you used to reserve it in the box provided.

manage purchases

Click on "View Item" to view the gift on its retailers website.

Clicking "Purchased" will allow you to mark the item as purchased.

Clicking the cross will let you cancel your reservation.

manage reservations