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Help for list creators:

If you are a guest viewing a list and needing help please visit the help for gifters/guests section!

Creating a list:

Creating a list is simple, heres all it takes:

  • Register
  • Login
  • From the navigation select "Create List"
  • Fill in the form
  • Click Submit!
  • You will now be taken to your new, but empty, gift list.
  • See the next section for how to add gifts to your list.

Understanding the create a list form:

The form is pretty simple but here's a little explination on some of the fields:

Title: The list title is shown in the page header and at the top of the list when guests view it.

Intro Message: This is a short paragraph of text that appears below the title for guests that are viewing your list.

Password Protect: Setting this to "Yes" allows you to set a password and keep your list (and event details) private, you will need to supply the password to the people you invite to look at your list so that they can see it!

Event Type: What kind of event is it?

Event Date: When is the event taking place?

Number of names: This may be useful if there is more than one person responsible for the event, think: weddings!

How should the gifts be delivered: Should your guests be bringing them to the event or should they be posting them prior to the event?

Postal/Event Location: Useful information for the guests to have!

Additional Information: let them know if you are going to be away at a certain period and wont be around to accept deliveries, or let them know more information on the events location, is there parking?

Your currency: What currency should your list be in?

Add a photo to your list: This photo appears behind the title/intro message at the top of the page (like how the image is appearing at the top of this page behind the sign up field)

Creating a list

Adding/editing/removing a gift on your list:

If you have just created your list you will now be on the edit list page, if you havent then head to the "My Lists" tab at the top of the page and click on the edit icon beside your list.

From the buttons at the top of the page click on "Add a gift" (the blue one!)

gift list buttons

You will now see the add a gift form, it is pretty straight forward:

URL: This is the web address to the gift on the store where you found it - this can be any online store.

Title: The title for the gift.

Price Each: How much does the gift cost? your currency symbol will be automatically added.

Quantity: How many of this gift would you like?

Other Details: If this is clothing then here you can specify what sizes you need, or if the gift comes in different colours then use this space to let your guests know what colour you would like!

Image: Add an image of the gift, this will make your list look better. See below for how to save an image from the online store where you found it and then how to upload that image to your list.

add a gift

Adding a gift image

Step 1:

Right click on the gift image on the retailers website where you have found it and click on "Save Image As" then save the image to your computer.

Step 2:

On the add a gift form click on the "Browse" to add the image.

Step 3:

Browse to where you have saved the image on your computer, select the image and click "Open", now just click the "Add!" button on the gift form to finish adding this gift to your list!

Editing/Delete/View gift status

edit delete gift

To edit or delete a gift simply find it in your list and click either the pencil icon to edit, red cross to delete or the green spyglass to check the status!

Checking the gift status will let you see if any of your guests you invited to the list have reserved it!

gift status

Sharing your list!

Now that you have made your list you better tell people about it!

From the buttons at the top of the edit list page select the light blue "Share" button to head to the share page.

share your list

Enter the email addresses you wish to send the list out to individually in the box provided and click "Add" after each one.

When you are ready to send click on "Send invites!"

Alternatively you can send out the link to your list yourself! it is provided at the bottom of this page.

share your list